• Benefits Of A Mod Series Closet

    mod-style closet dallasThe time has finally come: 2022 is the year of your dream closet. With a wide variety of closet styles to choose from, the decision can sometimes seem overwhelming. Understanding your wants and needs is an important first step in making that decision. One of your options includes a Mod Series closet, which comes with multiple benefits. With a Mod Series Custom Closet, you are provided with ease of access, a clean and modern look, and custom storage solutions. To learn more details about what they can offer you, read on!

    Ease of Access

    In a world that values convenience and accessibility above all else, the Mod Series Closet stands out against many other storage designs. With inset sliding doors, users can access their items with ease. Gone are the days of rummaging through drawers! With one gliding motion, you have visual access to your closet storage. This allows you to quickly and conveniently find what you need and return the space to a state of order with ease.

    Clean, Modern Look

    For those looking to cultivate a sleek and modern design, the Mod Series closet is a simple and effective way to accomplish that goal. With the use of thick laminate verticals, this design is able to effuse that minimalistic feeling of modernity. Because of this simplicity, the Mod Series casework is able to make a bold statement while still complimenting many of our other materials and finishes. At the end of the day, this design lends visual substance and definition to your custom closet. 

    Customizable Storage Solutions

    Users can still reap the additional benefits of customization even with features like ease of access and modern aesthetics. We design and assemble drawers, racks, and rods behind your sliding doors to your specifications. With unique storage solutions tailored to your lifestyle, you can create the best system for you! 

    If you think the Mod Series Closet is the right fit for your lifestyle, it’s time to start designing your dream closet today! We offer free in-home consultations. Contact More Space Place Dallas today to set up your appointment. 


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