• How To Safely Store Jewelry

    Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other types of jewelry can be easily tangled. If you aren’t careful it can also deteriorate over time depending on what type of organizer or material you store it in. Read on to find out how More Space Place can help you with proper jewelry storage to protect your belongings. 

    What Kind Of Damage Can Occur?

    To decide the best method for storing your jewelry, we have to first discuss why jewelry can get damaged when it’s stored improperly. The best way to store jewelry depends on a few factors like the materials used, the type of jewelry, and how much the jewelry is worth. Jewelry tarnish is caused when the surface of the metal comes into contact with body oils, makeup, sulfur, sweat, perfumes, deodorants, lotions, and other external substances. It’s important to make sure that your jewelry is always cleaned off before you put it away, regardless of how you store it. 

    Make An Inventory:

    Before you decide what style of organizer to use, you should make an inventory of the type of jewelry you have. For example, you’ll want to separate your expensive jewelry, cheap jewelry, vintage jewelry, and jewelry by occasion. 

    Decide What Material You Want:

    To avoid tarnishing we recommend storing jewelry in a cold, low-humidity environment. This means don’t store your jewelry on bathroom countertops or close to windows. Exposure to heat and light can make tarnishing occur faster and more frequently. A jewelry box is specifically constructed to serve this purpose. They are usually felt-lined and designed to be closed so that remain cold and dark. 

    How Can More Space Place Help? 

    While jewelry boxes are great options for storing your jewelry boxes, in general, they are deep and can easily tangle your jewelry. With our custom velvet-lined jewelry drawers, you will keep precious items safer. No more untangling knotted necklaces or only finding half a pair of earrings.

    Contact Us

    If you’re hoping to redo your closet to properly store your jewelry, don’t hesitate to reach out to More Space Place Dallas for a complimentary consultation for your custom closet! Our expert team will help you find the perfect model for your home and your needs. Contact us today! 

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