• Planning The Perfect Summer Closet

    It’s the end of May and summer is coming! Is your closet ready for the heat and the summer fun that will occur? If you’re looking for tips on how to optimize your closet for the summer, look no further! In this article, find out how you can sort out your clothes, better your shopping habits, and tailor your closet for the summer. 

    Identify your Regulars clean organized closet

    To get started with sorting your closet, take out what items you wear the most first. These will be known as your “regulars”. These are what you reach for and wear on a continual basis. These don’t always have to be your favorite items but are generally something you enjoy wearing. This will probably be 5-10 items which you can then layout in front of you so that you can see them all at once. Next, you should try to identify similarities among your favorite pieces. Consider categories such as color, fabric, silhouette, brand/designer (if applicable), and pattern.

    While you keep similarities in mind, try to think about when you wear these pieces. For example, if your favorite pieces are mostly loungewear you wear at home then you might want to opt for elevated pieces for going out. 

    Time To Shop!

    After you’ve identified the similarities and when you wear your pieces, you can experiment a couple of different ways on your next shopping trip. For example, if one of your regulars is a cotton blue square neck blouse, then you can try a top in the same fabric, style, or color. For every piece, you experiment with be sure to only swap out one category or variable, so that you can identify why you like the pieces you like. By shopping for clothes that are similar to what you wear the most, you’re more likely to love the pieces you buy and slowly craft a long-lasting closet.

    Expand Your Space

    Sometimes the physical space we have does not work for the closet we want to own. For example, maybe you want to buy more dresses for the summer but you can’t because there’s not enough space for hangers in your closet. With our custom closet systems, we can help you craft the closet of our dreams! Our systems can come with accessories such as dual hanging rods,jewelry drawers, an ironing board, and more! We will work with you personally to design a closet that best suits your needs.

    Call or contact us for a free consultation today!

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