• How To Organize Your Home Office

    Whether you’re using your home office to work from home or for personal business, getting it clean and organized can make your time there more productive and pleasant. To help you get your home office under control, we’ve created a helpful guide. Read below to find out how More Space Place Dallas can help you get organized and maximize your space. 

    Divide & Conquer

    Before you can get started with decluttering and sorting what you have it’s important to divide up the space. If you organize the space in small chunks, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed and burnt out. You can divide your space in many different ways. One way is to divide your space into walls. Depending on how much stuff you have, every day, tackle one side/wall of the office until the space is complete. You can also divide your space by storage items. For example day 1 for the desk, day 2 for the cabinetry, etc. No matter what way you decide, always start organizing with a plan in mind. 

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    Unlike organizing a closet, decluttering a home office may be easier since the bulk of items will probably be old paperwork you either need to file or shred. But if you create piles for your items and they get bigger- you can overwhelm the space and feel claustrophobic as a result. To prevent this, try labeling your piles and keeping each pile in a separate cardboard box or bin. By keeping them in individual spaces you’re less likely to spread out your items and cause more clutter. Then once you have a good amount of items in your boxes/bins, physically remove the bins from the room so you have space to move again. 

    Invest In Your Space (And Yourself)

    To prevent important documents from getting lost, opt for paperless billing or online receipts as often as you can. An electronic record is much safer than having a paper floating around your office. If you have important physical documents, group these together in an organized file folder or drawer system. Our custom home offices can feature multiple organization tools such as desks, shelves, filing cabinets, drawers, custom storage solutions, and more! Whether you want home office furniture with a traditional or a contemporary look, More Space Place offers a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes to complement your home.

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