• 5 Reasons to Encourage Kids to Get Involved in Organizing at Home

    Organizing shared spaces can be tough if you have to do it alone. If the whole family is involved, organizing can go by much quicker and even become part of your family’s routine. Involving your kids in your organizing, whether it’s their room or a common room, is a great way to get your kids to create healthy habits and give them a break from screen time. Check out the list of reasons to get your children cleaning up at home today.

    To Teach Them Responsibility

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    Kids who are responsible are more likely to be successful in school, society, and work. By having them do household chores, such as organizing, you’ll be increasing their chances for success. There are lots of different ways to organize and here at More Space Place Dallas we can help you find a custom storage solution for all your needs.

    So They Can Learn Independence

    Children who learn to take care of themselves by organizing their rooms are more independent. This can boost their happiness and overall life satisfaction. Furthermore, they won’t have to rely on you so often for help with the smallest problems. This will in turn give you more time to work on your daily tasks – allowing for clean home life in half the time!

    So They Can Waste Less Time on Technology

    Excessive technology use can negatively impact kids’ ability to focus, health, relationships, and social skills. Not only this, but they’ll likely regret wasting time on meaningless activities. Indeed, you can discourage unhealthy technology use by having them organize their bedrooms or other areas in the house. If they associate organization as something positive that benefits everyone involved- including themselves, they are less likely to show reluctance when cleaning up and will utilize these healthy habits later in their lives.

    They Can Feel More Included at Home

    Organizing shouldn’t have to feel like a burden. By making organizing fun with healthy rewards, positive association, and games, you can help your children feel included in all parts of your day! Including your children in all your tasks will diminish feelings of loneliness or being ignored and can bring you closer to them.

    So They Can Avoid Frustration From Clutter

    Kids can become extremely frustrated from being disorganized. For example, they might be searching through piles of junk to reach sports equipment or other objects. To avoid frustration, consider organizing with custom storage solutions such as shelves for storage or closet cabinetry for clothes.

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    Ready to Inspire Your Kids to Get Organized?

    Every child deserves a space that’s free of clutter. You can motivate your kids to get involved in at-home organizing by consulting the experts at More Space Place in Dallas, TX! We off many services such as Murphy beds, home offices, pantries, closet design, playrooms, and more. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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