• September Set Up For Success

    September is around the corner and it’s that time of year when you’re going to be busier than ever! It’s the back-to-school season which means you’ll have little time in the mornings to organize your kids’ things and send them off to school. In order to streamline this process and general organization at home, we’ve compiled some tips for you. Check out the following More Space Place Dallas organization tips to make your September a success. 

    Set up a shared family calendar

    With so many different deadlines and events to keep track of, the best way to stay on top of things is to have a shared calendar. Preferably this is one that is reusable and in a common space for all the family to access. If you have a large family, the bigger calendar the better! You can use color-coded markers and stickers to get creative and let your kids get involved in organizing too. 

    Back to school calendar.

    Clean out the pantry and kitchen 

    Start the new month ahead with refreshed shared spaces, such as the kitchen. The kitchen is a space you want to constantly clean out so that you can maximize your storage and get rid of unwanted items such as expired foods. When you’re preparing school lunches and meals at home, it’s best to have a clear counter and organized fridge so that you can streamline your meal prepping even more!

    If you feel like your pantry is organized but that your shelves are holding you back, then consider a custom pantry unit! Here at More Space Place Dallas, we’ll work with you personally to design the perfect custom pantry of your dreams. 

    Custom pantry designed by More Space Place.

    Check (or organize) emergency kits 

    With kids going back to school, that means clubs and afterschool programs will be up and running again too. In order to keep your kids safe and healthy, make sure you always have an emergency kit you can pull a bandaid from, at home, and in your bag when out and about. If you don’t have an emergency or first aid kit, make this the month you make one! Other great things to include are pain relievers, electrolyte/hydration multipliers, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, antiseptic creams, and more. 

    Get in touch with the professionals

    Back to school is a busy time of year, so let us help you get organized with a new home project. With our custom storage solutions, we guarantee we can find you the proper fit for your storage needs. 

    To learn more about our storage systems, contact More Space Place Dallas today, and schedule a free consultation!

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