• Host The Holidays Like A Pro

    The Holidays always seem so far away, but they sneak up on us when we least expect it, and we get stuck in the mayhem of prep work. Don’t worry, It happens to the best of us. Custom home furnishings can alleviate the scramble to host parties, family, and big dinners with solutions that will work year-round.

    Murphy Beds

    Hosting holiday parties can be a bit of a wild ride. You never know if your extended family will come unexpectedly or if a guest needs to spend the night after having too much eggnog. Eliminate the scramble to put together sleeping palates because Murphy beds fold out, already equipped with a fresh set of sheets. Not enough guest rooms? No problem! Wall beds blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home furnishings. When tucked away, they can inconspicuously integrate into a basement, living space, or home office.

    cherry murphy bed panel

    Media Centers

    Custom media centers equip your space with something fun for everyone. Have holiday movie marathons, play board games, or display homemade stockings. Festive music is the hallmark of the holidays and the backbone of a good party. Entertainment systems make it easy to switch through playlists and set the mood for dinner, gift opening, and dancing.

    Entryway Storage

    If you’re looking for a better alternative to piling everyone’s belongings into a guest bedroom, consider upgrading your entryway to have hooks, shoe storage, and bins to keep everyone’s belongings. This system prevents any damage or lost items, and its convenient placement encourages people to remember to grab their belongings on their way out. Moreover, when the holidays pass, you can adapt this space for the items you tend to reach for the most when you are on your way out, like keys, jackets, hats, sunglasses, and more.

    Pantry Organization

    Some holiday lovers will start preparing for holiday festivities long before the weather goes below 80 degrees. A highly-functioning pantry space will let you plan for your next dinner party by providing specific sections. Don’t forget the ingredients that make your meal a hit. You will easily take inventory of your dry, canned, and wet goods, along with dozens of spices.

    Professional designs from More Space Place Dallas are functional year-round. Book a free consultation on our website or give us a call to see how clever designs will facilitate any festivity in your home.

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