• A Simple Guide To A Relaxing Space

    The ambiance in your home can have incredible effects on your mood. Don’t stress yourself out more trying to figure out how to create a relaxing space. Here are some things to implement in your next home design to make it a place where you can truly rest after a long day.

    Warm Furniture Finishes

    White furniture is a common choice in homes, but if you don’t have lots of colorful decorations, choose a warmer wood finish. Warm tones like cherry are far from outdated. They give your home natural, long-lasting beauty. In combination with proper lighting and polished hardware, warm wood finishes are a timeless choice for any room.

    Personalize a Murphy Bed

    Murphy beds are one of the coziest additions to a room. Other than being space savers, they give you the ability to surround yourself with the items you love. They also make your room versatile. By tucking your bed away, you can make room to practice yoga or do an activity that helps you relax.

    Peaceful Home Office for Dallas

    Add Greenery

    Plants liven up any space and provide crisp, clean air. Place these little green friends on shelves and tables. Some hanging plants like to climb up, so we suggest putting them lower on a bookcase. They will grow up the bookcase into a beautiful display.

    Warm vs. Cool Colors

    Science proves that colors are capable of affecting mood. Warm colors like orange and yellow give a cozy, joyful feeling. Cool tones can be fresh and soothing. Earth tones are often warm colors that are serene and among the easiest to style. Choose colors carefully since bold colors like red can evoke anxiety. We recommend getting professional advice to find the right match.


    Clutter is a source of stress in most homes. Custom furniture is a fabulous option if you feel you’re constantly decluttering. Having a designated space for everything makes cleaning up faster and easier, so you have more time for yourself. Apart from being stylish, custom furniture lets you find what you need when you need it because it is designed specifically for your lifestyle.

    Be at ease knowing that you’ve come to the right place for your new custom closet, pantry, garage, & beyond. Our designers at More Space Place Dallas will carefully measure and plan your design before installation. We are committed to providing you with lasting solutions that you’ll love. Book through our website or give us a call. We look forward to working with you!

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