• Avoid DIY. Here’s Why:

    You’re looking to give your home a new look but don’t know where to start? The best tip to remember is to avoid DIY furniture projects. You’ll find that one problem leads to another, so it is just best to avoid it altogether. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to steer clear of DIY:

    More Added Costs

    DIY might end up costing more than you think. The cost may seem lower upfront, but replacing broken pieces from fast wear over time could end up costing more than you bargained for. Think about a busy area of your home that guests, friends, or kids use a lot. You don’t want to constantly keep putting money into solutions that won’t hold up to your home’s most loved areas. Another added cost of DIY is time. Time is arguably more valuable than money, especially if it comes to spending it with loved ones, so we’ll handle the work while you spend time doing what you love.

    You Sacrifice Quality

    If you look to achieve a specific look in your home, it will be easier to trust a professional company to match color schemes and styles. This way, you avoid having mismatched pieces. Other than aesthetics, you can trust that your furniture will last. Consider the structural features of furniture, like hinges, hardware, and support. You will want them installed precisely to avoid wobbles, incorrect fittings, or the risk of collapse.

    Custom built furniture to avoid DIY

    Less Reliable

    Another reason to avoid DIY is that you have no one to call if something goes wrong. Since custom furniture is specifically measured, built, and installed for your space, you can trust that it will stand the test of time. It is uncommon for quality issues to arise, but if they do, you will have the right contacts to make things right. Our designers are detail-oriented and receptive to your communication, making sure that your project is finished exactly to your liking.

    More Tools & Learning

    Some DIY projects may require special tools like sanders that not everyone has on hand. Finding the tools and learning how to use them takes time and practice. There is also an added risk factor when using tools. Your health is more valuable than saving a penny. A trip to the ER could end up costing more!

    More Space Place Dallas respects your home, time, and money. We are dedicated to providing lasting, effective, and aesthetic solutions for any area of your home. Avoid DIY and experience the benefits of custom furniture for yourself. We are offering free in-home consultations to make your dream home a reality.

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