• How To Store Shoes For Every Season

    Since most people typically have more clothing items than shoes in their closets, shoe storage can often be placed on the back burner when re-organizing a closet. If you’re looking at the pile of shoes on your floor, wondering how it could possibly all fit in the closet, this is the article for you! Read below to hear how you can store shoes for every season in your closet from the experts at More Space Place Dallas! 

    Winter Seasonal Shoe Storage 

    The hardest shoes to store are winter shoes, since they are the bulkiest and take up the most space. From ankle booties to rain boots, it can be hard to store these items when your closet is already filled with clothes. A great way to store these items is by placing them on shelves in your closet. More Space Place Dallas offers many closet shelving units perfect for storing bulkier items like winter boots. Placing boots on shelves keeps your floor clean and will make finding shoes in the morning easier since you can clearly see what pairs of shoes you have. 

    Spring and Summer Seasonal Shoe Storage

    With the warmer weather comes flip-flops and sandals galore! Though you may want to keep a pair of rain boots on the shelf for spring, the rest of your shoe collection can be stored in labeled bins in your closet or an over-the-door storage rack! Placing shoes like sandals and flip-flops in labeled containers in your closet is a great way to maximize the space in your closet. Putting them all together will give you more room in your closet to store clothing! Put all your sandals in one bin and your tennis shoes in another. Labeling these bins will also allow you to access items more easily when getting ready in the morning. You won’t have to pull every bin from your closet to see what’s inside. You’ll know exactly where the shoe you’re looking for is when you label them! 

    White Customizable Closet From More Space Place Dallas To Store Shoes For Every Season


    Fall Seasonal Shoe Storage  

    Fall shoes can be hard to store because fall tends to be a transition season. Some days it’s cool outside while other days it’s hot. With the changing temperatures, you often need to store quite a bit of shoes in your closet! With your fall shoe collection ranging from sandals to booties, you may have difficulty fitting them all into your closet! The best way to store fall shoes is to place your boots and chunkier shoes on shelving in your closet and place your sneakers and lighter shoes in labeled bins. If you don’t have enough space on the shelves in your closet, you may opt for an over-the-door shoe rack to hold your warmer-weather shoes. This can clear up space on your shelves giving you more room to store those cooler-weather shoes! 

    Custom White Closet Wall Unit From More Space Place Dallas To Store Shoes for Every Season

    As you’re going through your shoes this season, you may find that you need some extra help re-organizing your closet to allow you to store shoes for every season! More Space Place Dallas is here to help! Book a free consultation with one of our expert designers today! 

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