• Effective Tips To Air Dry Clothes

    If you need effective tips to air dry clothes, look no further. Dryers are a great modern invention, but they can have more drawbacks than doing it the natural way. Making the switch can help you be more energetic and cost-efficient, and you can also potentially extend the life of your clothes by not exposing them to intense heat and friction.

    Make Air Drying Convenient

    Air drying isn’t any more tedious than loading and unloading the dryer if you have the right tools. More Space Place Dallas will help you find the right accessories and placements to make laundry time convenient. We even have space-saving solutions like pull-out drying racks! We can install it over your wash sink if you’re worried about the mess (although unlikely with air dry). We really think of everything.

    Pay Attention to Material 

    When people think of air drying, using clothes pins and hangers is the first thing that comes to mind. While this is the case for light, flowy items, it doesn’t apply to heavier ones like knits. You’ll want to lay these garments flat to avoid snagging and pulling that can distort the fabric.

    Woman folding air dry clothes

    Give Clothes Room

    If your clothes are bunched up and wrinkled, they’ll dry like that too. This is an essential thing to remember. Even though you can let gravity help you, it is always good to give your clothes a little shake before you hang them to encourage the fabric to smooth out. Additionally, allowing enough space between each item will make the air dry time faster and easier.¬†

    You Don’t Have to Get Rid of The Dryer

    It can seem like heavier items take an eternity to dry. Luckily, you don’t have to kiss your dryer goodbye if you choose to air dry. It can be most useful in cutting air drying time for items like thick blankets and sweaters. Pop your clothes in for a quick 10-minute cycle to get a good amount of the moisture out.

    Don’t forget to schedule a free consultation with More Space Place Dallas to find more ways to give your home the functionality you strive for.

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