• The Timeless Murphy Bed

    Murphy beds reign supreme among wall beds. They are unlike no other, and their greatness stretches back to their history in the early 1900s. Let’s look at the history of the fashionable, timeless Murphy bed.


    William Lawrence Murphy created his namesake Murphy bed with the idea of creating a multifunctional space. By designing a “disappearing bed,” he could turn his bedroom into a parlor in which he could entertain guests in his San Francisco apartment. The versatility offered by the bed is the #1 reason it persists as a popular custom furniture option.


    Timeless Murphy Bed

    Other models of wall beds existed before the Murphy bed, but they lacked a characteristic spark. The Murphy bed would continue to rise in popularity as living units became smaller and more expensive as people flocked to city centers during the industrial revolution. Naturally, the Murphy Bed Company would move to New York, where their space-saving bed evolved into a status symbol and became a property’s selling point.

    The Great Depression and subsequent wars led to declining demand for Murphy beds. The bed’s popularity would swiftly resurge in the last half of the century. Eventually, it would become a commonplace term, hence why there is still so much confusion about the difference between a Murphy bed and a wall bed.

    Unique Construction

    The light metal construction of the Murphy beds houses the mattress. The spring lifting mechanism makes maneuvering the bed accessible to one person. What sets the Murphy bed apart is its evolution through time to accommodate the needs of the people. The first Murphy beds were built into a closet space. Now, you can install them anywhere in a room, freeing up valuable space in the closet and enhancing aesthetics.

    Modern, timeless Murphy beds boast features like size variety, custom lighting, side storage, and an all-wood face that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. Are you interested in making this timeless piece a part of your home? Visit our More Space Place Dallas showroom or call us at (214) 436-5433 to book a free, no-strings-attached consultation.

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