• Quality Storage For Quality Goods

    Many people take great pride in their wardrobes and accessories. Why not invest in quality custom closet storage that makes your favorite items pop? Here are a handful of closet features that feel luxurious to house your closet collection.

    Glass Front Cabinets

    Beautifully display your handbags or shoes, or hats in a luxurious cabinet like the pieces of art they are! Glass doors protect your items from getting dusty while letting you admire your collection. Your items are too beautiful not to show off.


    White Customizable Walk-In Closet From More Space Place Dallas

    If you like to admire your sweater collection, choose shelves instead of cabinets to stack according to color or any way you like! Many people prefer drawers since they keep your clothing from ending up on the floor. Most of the time, overstacking shelves causes such spillage. A pro tip is to always leave some wiggle room between your clothes and the top of the next shelf space. We can help you avoid overstacking each shelf by adding adjustable shelves depending on your items. 

    Add Drawers To Small Closets

    Large closets look luxurious with custom storage, as the space allows for a mix of customizations. You can achieve a similar high-end feeling even in a small closet! Consider adding drawers in combination with hanging rods. Instead of a “dresser in a closet” look, choose vertically stacked drawers to elongate your space. This addition will further add dimension and elevate limited areas.


    Get a bright sight every time you open your closet with fabulous lighting. Recess lights are a great and common choice since they effectively brighten large closets. We like this option because it draws attention to your items. Hidden track lighting in shelves and wall units is an attractive option to highlight a specific area.

    Get ready in a space that properly houses your most precious possessions. Contact More Space Place Dallas and tell us your vision so we can make your design come true with quality storage!

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