• Address These 4 Clutter-Prone Areas

    Clutter, the nemesis of a tidy home, can accumulate in various nooks and crannies, disrupting harmony and creating unnecessary stress. Beyond its visual impact, clutter can impede productivity, hinder relaxation, and even pose safety hazards. Four clutter-prone areas in the home come to mind right off the bat. Custom storage can transform these trouble spots in your home. Embracing a clutter-free lifestyle is not out of reach. It can take time to build habits, but choosing the right storage can get you two steps closer!


    Families with kids will know that the entryway often bears the brunt of clutter as shoes, backpacks, and jackets every day. It’s a tough habit to break. Even as they grow and stop leaving their items everywhere, having custom entryway storage can continue to play a significant role in your daily routine. Implementing custom storage solutions such as built-in cubbies, shelves, and hooks can corral the essentials, preventing them from spilling into living spaces and creating a welcoming first impression for guests.



    The kitchen is another one of the 4 clutter-prone areas due to its multifunctional nature. From overflowing cabinets to cluttered countertops, kitchen clutter can get in the way. You’ll be surprised how a custom pantry space can help you keep order in your kitchen.  Custom pantry organizers, pull-out shelving, and drawer dividers can optimize storage space and hide small appliances and foodstuffs that would otherwise overflow on your counter. You don’t have to cook every day to enjoy a clutter-free, stress-free kitchen.


    Closets might be #1 for the area most prone to clutter because they don’t always house clothing exclusively. Many families need a closet that can double as a linen closet, blanket storage, or more.  Custom closet systems, featuring adjustable shelves, hanging rods, and accessory organizers, can maximize vertical space and provide enough space to organize your items the way you want to. Don’t let pre-fabricated storage systems and organizers dictate and limit the ease of access to your items.


    The garage is notorious for accumulating clutter and becoming disorganized. Sometimes, it even feels like the transition space between your home and the trash bin. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it area for all the wrong reasons. From tools and equipment to seasonal decorations and sports gear, the garage can quickly become overrun with clutter. Take a weekend to go through all garage items and be intentional about those you choose to keep. Afterward, create sections to regain valuable floor space for parking, projects, or even creating a home gym or workshop.

    Custom storage solutions offer a transformative approach to combating clutter and promoting a sparkling home. Address clutter-prone areas with tailored systems to make a visible difference in your home’s overall feeling. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how custom storage can elevate your home to new heights of organization and serenity.

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