• Custom Closets for Garage Organization

    Custom Organization for Garage DallasThe garage can often hold untapped potential in the home, a room that’s underutilized because it’s cluttered, messy, and neglected. We are here to tell you that custom cabinetry and closets aren’t just for interior living spaces. With a plan for a custom storage closet it’s possible to get organized and reclaim that space for activities, DIY projects, and even, wildly enough, parking the cars! Talk to the expert team here at More Space Place Dallas to learn about custom organizational solutions for your home garage.

    Custom Cabinets Garage DallasBenefits of a Garage Storage Closet

    Storage closets help keep a space uncluttered and streamlined. In the garage where space is limited, storage becomes even more essential. Most garages don’t have built-in closets or storage areas. It’s up to the homeowner to figure how the space is going to be used and what type of storage solution best fits those needs. Adding a custom closet for garage organization offers multiple benefits:

    • Clears floor space for easier movement and fewer trip hazards
    • Provides out-of-sight storage space
    • Better for long-term storage of seasonal items
    • Great for project parts, tools, and smaller bits that get misplaced/lost easily
    • Offers protection from dust, grime, and accidents

    Closet Solutions

    The right closet solution for your space depends entirely on how you’re using the space, its size, and the items that need to be stored. This is where the customizable aspect of our services come in. We can measure your space and find a solution that perfectly matches your needs and home design. A space that already has a built-in closet also easily can be transformed. Just like with large walk-in closets in a master bedrooms or kitchen pantries, all it takes is the addition of shelves, sliding baskets, hooks, and good lighting.

    Custom Garage Wall Slats Tools Work Bench DallasAdjustable shelves are essential, allowing continued customization as your space needs change. Move the shelves up or down as you build your collection of workout equipment, snow gear, golf supplies, or get involved in new hobbies. Gliding drawers are ideal for outdoor kids’ toys, sports equipment like gloves and pads, small gardening tools, and more. Being able to pull out the drawers will reduce the chance of misplacing something or having to dig through large, unorganized closet cubbies. Lastly, wall slats for tools above a work station will keep you more organized and prevent any avoidable injuries while you’re working. Nails will be conveniently tucked away in an easy-to-grab case, with hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and more hanging neatly for you to find quickly.

    Stylish and Functional

    Adding custom closets for garage organization can change the whole look of your space, making it more enjoyable and efficient. Sleek, modern closet doors with matching cabinetry create a clean, uniform look that can actually make your space feel larger. Functionality doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. White finishes are ideal for a garage with little to no natural light, while matching pulls and hardware keep the look consistent. Don’t forget to consider closet and cabinet surface materials that are easy to wipe down when dirty.

    Custom closet organization isn’t just for bedrooms! It’s an essential part of keeping your entire home, including your garage, clean and clutter-free. Get started with a free in-home design consultation and estimate from the team here at More Space Place Dallas. Call us today!


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