• The Kid Closet Study Station

    dallas kid study closet Here at More Space Place of Dallas, we are excited to implement all kinds of changes in the home for better organization and style. One way we can do this is by transforming kids’ bedroom closets into effective study spaces built around good habits, comfort, and focus.

    How can this be done? We have the tips and tricks Dallas families need for turning closet spaces into academic stations or project centers for children learning to apply themselves to creative efforts and school studies.

    Comfort and Attention

    Comfort is an important feature of any study space, but kids in particular might be easily distracted by uncomfortable chairs or similar seating arrangements. Not only that, but veer too far in the other direction and you have a study station that serves better as a napping nook! Mix comfort with energy and go for something in the middle – cushioned chairs that encourage good posture for attentive body language.

    A desk is a staple of any kid study station, but we recommend closet-nook desks or similar designs, facing inward. Windows are good to have in the area, but a desk facing the window can be mighty distracting for a youngster trying to focus on their studies. A large calendar to above the desk will provide a fun view and an organized schedule to keep kids on track.

    dallas kid study closet


    One of the nice things about a closet study space is room for neatly tucked-away drawers full of supplies. Anything from pencils & pens to crayons, scissors, notebooks, and whatever else a kid might need to get down to business. Drawers can also be used to catalogue files for homework management, importantly helping a young student maintain records and notes for academic success.

    Bookshelves and Decoration

    Nothing works better for textbook storage than the classic bookshelf, easily insertable into kid study stations above the desk. Keep focus on the subjects at hand with a row of textbooks for selection at will. Additionally, decorative bookends or other items, such as hanging artwork, can keep the study space fun and fresh.

    More Space, More Style

    Let the design and organization experts at More Space Place of Dallas help orchestrate the perfect kids’ study station. We offer free in-home consultations to residents of Dallas and surrounding areas. Point us in the direction of your stylistic and organizational preferences and watch us go!

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