• Designing a Custom Pantry

    Do you ever struggle because of a lack of storage in your kitchen? If it seems like there is no possible way for you to solve your storage dilemma and get organized, it may be that you need to think outside the box and consider a custom pantry instead of relying on your standard “builder’s grade” pantry shelves. When you start looking at custom pantries, you’ll find that there are tons of great options, so you can create a kitchen storage solution that is as unique as your family. The team here at More Space Place Dallas has put together a few examples of features you may want to consider when you start designing your custom pantry.

    • Custom Pantry DallasLazy Susans – While these have long been a staple of the spice cabinet, why not utilize them for other areas of your pantry too? A lazy Susan can help you reach the back of deep pantries with ease. Never again will you have to worry about food going stale because you couldn’t see or reach it.
    • Wine or Liquor Storage – Keep your wine and liquor in good condition with custom racks or shelves. Wine especially should be stored horizontally, but this puts them in a precarious position in normal shelving. Our bottle racks or shelving inserts will make sure they won’t roll, fall, or create an organizational mess in your pantry.
    • Think Vertical – We can help you take advantage of space you didn’t realize you had by taking advantage of every vertical inch you have available. A simple step ladder can help you reach your highest shelves, which can be used for long-term storage.
    • Pull Out Appliance Storage – Those small appliances like blenders, pressure cookers, and crock pots make life easier but they are hard to store. Adding a pull out rack to your pantry may be the ideal way to keep them around without overrunning your kitchen.  In many cases, these can be added to the bottom of the pantry in space that may otherwise have been left unused.
    • Adjustable Shelves – Cereal boxes, canned goods, and baking tools are all different sizes, so why should your pantry shelves all be the same? Adjustable shelving to meet your needs can be the best way to get the most from your space and keep your pantry looking its best too.

    As you can see, a custom pantry can be a lot more organized and efficient for your home and family members. If you’d like more information about designing your custom pantry, reach out to us here at More Space Place Dallas. We would love to help you solve your kitchen space problem! Contact us today for a free in-home design consultation!

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