• Turning Underused Space into a Luxury Closet

    Extra bedrooms or other small rooms need not be haphazard storage centers for heaps of clothing or various collections. In fact, the folks at More Space Place of Dallas are always thrilled to hear about extra spaces in the home. That’s because we know the tips and tricks for turning underused living spaces into beautiful, organized hubs of streamlined daily use. One way that we commonly do this is by transforming a space into a luxurious custom closet complete with the storage options and decorative finesse to make residents feel like royalty in their own homes.

    Custom Boutique Closet More Space Place DallasFind the Space!

    If your home includes a room that sees little use, or tends to collect clutter like a magnet, you’re halfway to your own spacious luxury closet! The organizational pros at More Space Place of Dallas offer free in-home consultations, and we can help you make decisions about how to turn that space into a luxury closet. Trust us, there is almost always a way to reorganize clutter so that it takes up less space in the home. You might start by clearing out a small room of limited use.

    Luxury Features and Organizational Tips

    Luxury closets work really well as boutique-style spaces, including decorative overhead lighting and center islands for laying out, folding, and placing items as you consider your clothing. Try shelving units lined up against the walls with height-organized storage. Shoes can line your bottom shelves, and folded shirts or hangers can reach torso-level. You can also opt for special cabinet spaces for storing specific items like handbags or preferred shoes.

    One of our favorite organizational tricks is to create a space specifically for near-future outfit preparation. Identify a focal point in your luxury closet and use it to display tomorrow morning’s outfit. When you wake up, your outfit is already selected — the only missing ingredient is you!

    Custom Boutique Closet Dallas More Space PlaceLuxurious Style

    The design features of your luxurious custom closet are up to you, and they are pretty diverse. All sorts of colors and aesthetics can give an air of luxury if the room is spacious and organized like a boutique closet. Rounded edges with carved woodwork can emphasize luxury in your custom cabinets or drawers, or glass panels with clean metal linings can present a more modern style.

    The center space in a luxury closet is essential, as it provides ample space to walk and peruse your collection around the room. So long as you have the center space, your decor options know no bounds. However, don’t forget about a comfortable place to sit, put on shoes, or just relax!

    More Space Place of Dallas and Your Personal Custom Closet

    We provide the luxuries of organizational tips, storage solutions, decorative know-how, and the reliable equipment you need to transform your living space. Contact us today for your free in-home consultation with no obligation. We proudly serve the greater Dallas area.


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