• Areas to De-Clutter Around the House

    Keeping your home clutter-free can feel like a full time job. Many homeowners feel that they are constantly picking up misplaced items, organizing once-tidy drawers, and trying to find the most efficient solutions for staying neat. Well, that’s where we come in! The team here at More Space Place has unique and customizable systems to conquering clutter around the house. Check out the core areas of the home we recommend prioritizing when it comes to de-cluttering, and see how our products can help!

    Custom Garage Storage DallasGarage

    De-cluttering the garage can be an especially tough task because it tends to be the catch-all for junk in the home. This means that there are a plethora of miscellaneous, hard to sort items. Many homeowners see this clutter and turn a blind eye rather than dealing with it head-on. Fortunately, More Space Place Dallas offers an array of garage storage organization systems to help you manage the mess and take back your garage. You might even make space to store your car – imagine that! Some of the features we offer to organize your garage are:

    • Wall-mounted cabinets
    • Slat board systems
    • Work benches
    • Hooks and racks for sports equipment
    • Customized shelving

    Chesterfield Murphy Bed DallasSpare Room

    Whether you use your spare room as a guest room, craft room, home office, study space, or a mix of everything, you’ll want to learn more about the space-saving custom furniture we provide here at More Space Place. Our unique organizational solutions help you make the most out of your space and create the perfect multifunctional room.

    If you do need your space to function as a guest room from time-to-time, a Murphy bed is the best option for you. You can have the bed for visitors when you need it without sacrificing the space. Our signature designs such as the Bi-Fold Bookcase Bed, Jefferson Library Bed, and Chesterfield Panel Bed offer stylish shelving and customizable storage to match your lifestyle, space, and budget.

    If you are a modern telecommuter, you need a productive home office to get your work done. The expert design team here at More Space Place Dallas can help you get ample desk and storage space without taking over the room with a big bulky singular-use piece of furniture. Talk to us about our desk beds if you still need that occasional guest room but prioritize your working space.

    Now don’t just invest custom furniture without putting into action. Use our custom storage solutions to find the perfect system for your home. We can make sure clutter doesn’t pile up with drawers, shelves, racks, and more in your spare room.

    Custom Pantry Closet DallasPantry

    The pantry is a spot where you want to reduce clutter as much as possible because a buildup of expired food products can lead to foul odors, pests, and wasted money. The first thing to do will be to remove everything inside your pantry and create boxes designated for things to keep and things to throwaway. Anything expired should go straight to the trash and you can further organize your “keep box” into food categories depending on how you like to set up your pantry.

    Keep your pantry organized, clean, and streamlined with custom closet features from More Space Place. Consider these popular features to maximize the efficiency of your pantry:

    • Adjustable shelving
    • Pullout shelving
    • Lazy Susans
    • Baskets
    • Wine and spice racks
    • Designer accessory finishes

    Ready to declutter your home with some of our space saving products? Come visit the team here at More Space Place Dallas! We also offer free in-home design consultations. Contact us today to learn more!

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