• Get Organized With A Custom Media Center

    Your living room is meant to be a space that encourages relaxation and harmony, where you can spend time lounging on the couch or entertaining guests. Living rooms seldom serve one purpose, so it’s important to make sure that your furniture can adapt to the situation. More Space Place Dallas provides custom furniture for you to make the most of your home. Our entertainment and media centers can give you the storage and display space you want without overpowering the room.

    Building a custom entertainment unit is a great way to improve the functionality of your living room while cutting down all the clutter that comes with media devices, children’s toys, and other small accessories. Take a look at why we love media centers.

    Custom Media Center Dallas

    Hide the Clutter

    Generally speaking, open shelving looks great in any room. But when it comes to entertainment units, the problem with completely open shelving is you have no place to contain the wires and bulky items like remotes, gaming consoles, and controllers. An entertainment unit that combines open shelving for screens and decorative objects with cabinets and drawers to hide unwelcome clutter keeps the focus on your decor and furnishings, rather than the messy accessories.

    Create Multi-Purpose Functionality

    Some people don’t mind if their screens are always on display. But if you want a living room that can go from cozy to formal in an instant, it’s key to have a custom entertainment unit with doors that hide the television and other screens. This is also a subtle visual reminder that living rooms can also be for family conversation, board games, and other non-screen orientated forms of entertainment.

    Store the Toys and Games

    The primary purpose of a media unit is to house your electronic devices and sound systems. But why stop there? If you have young children, you know how all their toys have a tendency to find their way on to the living room floor. Creating a custom unit with base cabinets to store these toys, games, and books sends the message that your kids’ stuff is important while at the same time making it much simpler to tidy up the entire house.

    Restore the “Living” to Your Family’s Living Room

    Creating a custom media center lets you determine the focus on the room at any given moment, allowing it to transition from a sanctuary where you can curl up with a book to a place where the entire family gathers to watch a movie or the perfect hosting space to watch the Superbowl with friends.

    For more tips on creating your perfect custom entertainment unit, More Space Place Dallas and check out all the features we can use to build the unit that’s right for you. Contact us today!



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