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    If you own a walk-in closet, it’s your right to make the most of this personal space. Customizing your closet to your tastes can help the space give you peace and restful inspiration, while simply looking beautiful. If you’re not sure what to go for, trends are the perfect place to start, as they’ll give you inspiration while allowing your imagination to create your own ideal image. To that end, the team at More Space Place Dallas brings you some of the most striking custom closet trends of 2019. Let’s dive right in!

    Space Efficiency

    All rooms have corners, but this fact hasn’t stopped designers from creating a workaround that maximizes your closet’s efficiency. Killing corners is the latest trend in custom closet spaces. This act essentially entails the use of corner shelves which both round out sharp wall edges and offer another space to store small items like handbags, hats or jewelry. While corner shelves have been around for a while, they’re experiencing a resurgence in popularity this year!

    Killing corners highlights a greater overall trend towards maximizing the space within your closet. Here are two more ways you can keep your closet efficient.

    First, you should consider replacing high-hanging clothing rods with two medium height clothing rods. Double racks are a design that’s, smart, chic, and sure to add to your closet’s sense of flow. Another space-saving technique is to opt for a deep shoe drawer as opposed to a large shoe rack. While you might not get to display your proud collection of shoes this way, a pull-out drawer will save you loads of wall space for you to further repurpose and customize!


    Modern trends have taken a turn for the futuristic on this one. While traditional hardwood reigned in years past, minimalism is now the go-to style philosophy for most custom closet owners. For tangible tips on going minimalistic, just think about using cabinet items that appear futuristic or sleek, meaning that they’ll have fewer curves, more straight lines, and will appear simpler rather than highly ornamented.

    Though it might sound dull by its definition, minimalism is far from boring and can actually look quite chic and attractive. One way to add some highlights in a minimalistic room are to use muted metals, like brushed brass or stainless steel, for things such as drawer handles, hangers, or clothing rods, to add flair.

    White and Bright Finishes

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    The final trend to know is that modern custom closets tend to use bright finishes, especially stark white. This trend is easy to understand since the color white can simply brighten up your closet space like nothing else can. If white is too much, you can always opt for another light color, such as one of these modern finishes.

    Let Us Create Your Perfect Closet Space

    From minimalism to traditionalism, our Design Associates at More Space Place Dallas will offer you all of the insight you need and point you in the right direction to achieve your dream closet. Contact us today to get started with a free design consultation!

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