• How to Create The Perfect Custom Closet for Your Child

    Custom Kids Closet More Space Place Dallas

    Like adults, children need a closet that works for them. People without adequate storage, or who have a closet organization system that does not meet their needs, are more likely to lose things or have a cluttered room. The perfect custom closet for a child takes their unique needs into consideration and provides handy solutions. Our experts at More Space Place Dallas recommend the following tips for creating that dream closet:

    Aim for Easy Cleaning

    Kids need to be able to reach about 90 percent of the items they intend to use in the closet on their own. Preschoolers as young as two or three years old can be taught to put clothing, shoes and toys away if storage is consistent and accessible. Consider using step stools and pulldown racks to make this easier.

    Put Common Items at Shoulder-Level

    Children of any age, as well as adults, need to keep the items they use the most within easy reach. Clothing children need every day should be front and center, but not necessarily on the floor. If you keep toys in the closet, you should also add cubbies or drawers for them that aren’t buried behind clothes.

    Use High Shelves for Off-Season Gear

    When children are younger, they may not be able to reach the high shelves in the closet at all. This might mean there are several cubic feet of space in the closet that go unused. Instead, you can take advantage of this space by storing lightweight but bulky sports gear or outdoor clothing when it is not in regular use. Clear tubs in similar sizes make it easy to swap them out by season.

    Leave Room for Growth

    Children’s needs will adjust with age. Parents can save time and effort by investing in adjustable racks and shelves for their children’s closets. This allows you to move the position of the hanging rod as your kids grow or make more shelf space for larger shoes.

    Get Started Today!

    You might be surprised how much an organized closet can help keep your child’s day on target. For a free in-home consultation with one of our closet experts, contact us at More Space Place Dallas.

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