• How to Plan For a Garage Reorganization

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    Of all the places that clutter has a tendency to build up in a home, there’s arguably no place that takes on more than the garage. It’s the place where your kids’ outdoor toys are stashed, where lawn and yard equipment get stowed away, where outdoor furniture is stored during the cold weather months, where tools are left, and, ideally, where you can store your cars, too.

    Proper garage organization is paramount, and garages tend to need to be cleaned out and reorganized from time to time. Why not start today? Here’s a look at some tips and suggestions from More Space Place Dallas to help you get the job done:

    Incorporate Workbenches, Cabinets

    Do you have tools that get tossed and left in the garage once you’ve finished an outdoor project? Don’t just let them sit wherever, give them a proper place! Workbenches or cabinets are ideal for such purposes, as they provide an outlet where tools can be stored safely when they’re not in use and found quickly when you need to use them. You don’t just have to limit this area to hammers, drills, and screwdrivers either, you can stash shovels, lawn equipment, lawn equipment batteries and more in this area.

    Specialty Shelving

    In a garage, floor space is at a premium — and you want the majority of the floor space to be clear so that you can hopefully park at least one car inside. How do you get things off the floor? Build vertically! Specialty shelving units are ideal for garages so that you can stow items away on the walls rather than cluttering the floor.  

    Group Common Items Together

    This tip is crucial for functional and efficient garage. We already told you how tools and outdoor equipment go well together, but don’t let your grouping of common items stop there. Separate items by season or use so that you’re not sifting through holiday decorations just to find your favorite boogie board. Use bins or baskets in an open storage system like cubbies or slatwall boards to gather sports equipment like basketballs, rackets, tennis balls, and helmets. Store paint cans with the appropriate materials, brooms, and mops with cleaning supplies, and off-season clothing together in air-tight bins out of the way.  

    Utilize the Ceiling

    Remember how we said floor space is at a premium in the garage? On that note, don’t be afraid to hang hooks and shelving from the studs in the garage ceiling. This is an ideal way to hang bulky items that aren’t too heavy like the road bike that you only use in the summer. However, keep in mind that it’s important to make sure this installation goes perfectly as it can be rather precarious to store items from the ceiling if you aren’t sure how secure the hooks are.

    Trust the Professionals

    The team of experts here at More Space Dallas are here to help you with any project you might want to start. From custom cabinets to workbenches and more, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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