• Closet Design Trends for Your Dallas Home

    If you’re looking to give your closet a total design makeover, consider some of these design trends to keep your closet fresh and stylish! Updating your closet to match the current trends can give your closet a new look that will get you excited to finally be dressing up to go out again. Get ready to be surprised at how simple these changes can dramatically change the overall look and style of your closet. When it’s time to finally revamp your closet for the latest trends, reach out to our experts at More Space Place Dallas! Schedule a free consultation today. 

    custom modern closet

    Accessories & More

    Multi-functionality and simplicity are a popular choice when it comes to storage and organizational accessories in closets. A more modern look requires a clean and decluttered closet. Get rid of excess clutter with accessories that can serve multiple purposes. Put in decorative pieces that can also disguise itself as extra storage space. If room allows, built-in closet islands allow for decorative pieces on the surface as well as extra storage drawers to store jewelry and accessories. 



    For colors, consider pieces that are warmer colors, unique materials, and faint retro styles. Subtle and muted pastel colors allow for accent pieces to stand out. Another popular choice is to incorporate natural elements into your closet such as leather, wood, and stone. Complement natural elements with decorative plants to add some fresh hues of green. 



    Proper lighting allows for a good ambiance and can instantly change the overall look and feel of your closet. Consider switching yellow bulbs to cool tones to add brightness to the room. If possible, allow natural light to come in from windows. Hanging bulbs or gallery lights are returning to popularity.


    Let the experts of More Space Place Dallas help you get the custom closet that you’ve always wanted. Our team has plenty of experience building modern and classic closets and can also offer design tips. Contact us for more information and schedule a free consultation today!


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