• A Rustic Closet Design

    The DFW area is growing more and more modern by the day. However, there is something timeless about rustic designs. We know lots of people like this style, in true Texan nature, so let’s go through the details on how to achieve a rustic closet design.

    Add Polish with Lighting

    With darker, warmer wood colors throughout the space, you’ll want to make sure you have proper lighting to highlight your items. The right lighting can also modernize your design without making compromises to hardware or furniture color.

    Combine Rich & Airy Colors

    Natural wood has its main character moment in rustic designs. Could you even imagine a rustic design without warm, polished wood finishes? Incorporate a feeling of airiness with lighter-colored upper cabinets. This color placement will brighten your closet and make it feel bigger.

    Polished Hardware

    Dark hardware ties the entire color scheme together. To add a modern touch to a rustic closet design, choose matte black hardware. This style option feels slightly more industrial. Warm, brassy hardware adds sparkle and draws the eyes in. We like this option if you want to show off a hat or boot collection.

    Speaking of boots: Don’t forget to add custom-height shelving to make sure your favorite pairs last as long as possible!

    Center Island

    It’s common to see dark island tops as the centerpiece of rustic closets, but it could seem like it takes up too much space if surrounding cabinet colors aren’t light enough. It’s all about balance. Combine a beige base with a brown countertop or A dark wood base with a light caramel countertop. Make your island pop!

    Hash out the details for your inviting personalized closet with More Space Place Dallas. Choose from a variety of finishes to show off beautiful wood grain and make a statement with polished hardware. More Space Place is your full-service shop to achieve your rustic closet design!

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