• Storage Ideas For A Family Great Room

    Great rooms are fabulous features in houses. As the name suggests, they are impressive in the way they encompass several functions around the house. Need some inspiration on how to use the space to its full potential? Here are some suggestions:

    Sleepover Paradise

    Build some street credit by hosting the best slumber parties for your kids! Equip your great room with horizontal twin-wall beds to give every guest (or sibling!) a sleeping space. Why horizontal wall beds? The space above the beds can be used to keep extra pillows and fuzzy blankets. This option is also great for when you have extended family in town!

    Movie Night Magic

    Have a fully equipped entertainment center with storage for projectors, a TV, a sound bar, and other equipment needed to turn your basement into a family theater. If you’re a DVD enthusiast, display your collections on tall wall units. Tie the look together with the high-level cord management that custom furniture offers to keep your space visually pleasing.

    Practical Linen Storage

    Most laundry rooms are found close to the kitchen, so in a great room that can sometimes be an extension of the kitchen/dining area, it only makes sense to have a place to keep freshly washed linens. Just imagine not having to drag a full hamper of folded sheets across the house. Avoid breaking a sweat by designing a linen closet to make sure you have centralized access to your things.

    Preserve the spacious and luxurious feeling of a great room by incorporating storage solutions that will keep ordinary items out of sight and out of mind. In the same vein, get storage solutions that let your design style pop. Visit More Space Place Dallas to Explore your options!

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