• Create A Guest Room In Your Condo

    As more people move to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, more and more people are choosing to live in condos and high rises. There are constantly new DFW condos that are modern and stylish, so why not get custom furniture to match them? While similar in exterior structure, condos appear to be like apartments, but these owned units often boast more space. We want to explore a custom guest room design to inspire you to have one in your condo. 

    Make a Multi-Functional Space

    Condos may be bigger than apartments, but their floorplan could have space limitations especially compared to a house. This reason is why we love creating multi-functional spaces. 

    Murphy Bed

    Murphy beds range in size depending on your room size, occupancy, and style. When tucked away, it clears your entire room. This is our favorite option because it allows you to convert the guest room into a fitness room or an office when not in use. Guests will find this option to be extremely comfortable as well, with our Serta® mattress options!

    Provide Ease of Access

    For long-term guests, you will want to make sure they have ample storage for their items and house souvenirs. Increase storage in the closet. A custom closet can even help a small guest room feel larger by keeping clutter out.

    Establish Relaxing Ambiance

    Boost the ambiance in your guest space with built-in lighting. We can build lighting into wall units and wall beds. You can choose warm tones or bright lights to enhance the experience for your guests. Save energy with this option because of their LED technology.

    More Space Place Dallas has storage systems that will let you squeeze every last drop of functionality from your condo’s guest room while making guests comfortable. Book a free consultation today or visit our showroom!

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